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Sellwood Medical Clinic is proud to offer free appointments for insured in-network patients requesting COVID-19 antibody testing. With free virtual access to our physicians, certified Physician Assistants and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners patients can receive required testing orders at no cost. During your free appointment, a Sellwood Medical Clinic provider can determine if you are eligible for antibody testing and provide you with a testing order to get the Coronavirus Antibody testing at our onsite lab.

Coronavirus Antibody Testing Q & A

What is COVID-19 Antibody Testing?

We use the antibody testing created by LabCorp at our onsite Lab. The test detects antibodies that indicate the patient has been exposed to COVID-19. It is a standard blood test that will be performed at our onsite Lab, staffed by a Lab Corp phlebotomist at our Sellwood location. Results take 3-4 business days to come back and will help identify those who have already been infected and may have immunity.

Sellwood Medical Clinic offers antibody testing in their sterile and safe facility in Portland. This test checks to see if you were exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

In an antibody test, your Sellwood Medical Clinic provider takes a small blood sample through either a finger prick or a blood draw. Unlike a COVID-19 test, the antibody test doesn't detect the virus. It essentially verifies whether your immune system previously fought the virus.

How Do I Get COVID-19 Antibody Testing?

A physician’s testing order is required before testing can be performed. Sellwood Medical Clinic providers can provide insured in-network patients with a testing order, at no cost.

The antibody test must be done at our onsite Lab. You can only receive antibody testing if you have been asymptomatic for 10 days. This is not a test for people displaying symptoms. You must wait until your symptoms subside for 10 days and then you can receive a testing order.

When can an antibody test detect COVID-19 exposure?

Antibodies don’t appear for 1-3 weeks after exposure to the virus. In some people, it takes longer to develop antibodies, and others never develop them at all. An antibody test today won’t tell you whether you were around someone with COVID-19 yesterday. 

Does a positive antibody test mean I have COVID-19?

No. A positive antibody test simply means that you were exposed to the virus and that you have antibodies that fought the COVID-19 virus previously. 

Does a positive antibody test mean I'm immune to COVID-19?

No, a positive antibody test doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re immune to COVID-19. Research is still ongoing, but at this time experts say that a positive antibody test doesn’t equal immunity. A positive antibody test is a good way to know whether you were exposed to the virus, though.

This means that even if you have a positive antibody test, it’s still important to maintain all the self-protection measures recommended by the Oregon Health Authority and the CDC. 

What if I have a positive antibody test and COVID-19 symptoms?

If you have a positive antibody test and COVID-19 symptoms, your Sellwood Medical Clinic provider can perform an exam to determine whether you need COVID-19 viral testing. This viral test requires a swab from your inner nose or some other type of respiratory sample.

If you have a negative antibody test but have COVID-19 symptoms, you may still need a viral test to determine whether you have the virus.

If you or anyone in your family has COVID-19 symptoms or suspects exposure to the virus, reach out to Sellwood Medical Clinic for guidance. Call the office or use online scheduling today. 

Common Questions

Should I get the COVID-19 antibody test?

If you experienced COVID-19 symptoms more than 10 days ago you are eligible for COVID-19 antibody testing. The test will determine if you were exposed to COVID-19 and may indicate immunity.

How does the test work?

The test is a standard blood test to see if you have IgG antibodies. It will be run using either Abbott or EUROIMMUN equipment.

How much does a COVID-19 antibody test appointment cost?

During this critical time Sellwood Medical Clinic is offering free appointments for insured in-network patients requesting COVID-19 antibody testing. Meaning, you can meet with a provider to request a COVID-19 antibody test and receive your testing form, at no cost. For out-of-network patients with insurance you will pay your typical in-office copay to meet with the doctor.

What do I need to do before getting testing?

Assuming you meet the testing criteria you should book a telehealth visit at When you go to your appointment, you must be symptom free, you MUST wear a mask, and they will check your temperature to make sure you don’t have a fever. You will get your results in 3-4 business days.