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Nearly 50% of Americans regularly take prescription medication but if you’ve ever had a hard time getting your prescription refilled, it’s time for a change. The team at Sellwood Medical Clinic in Portland, Oregon, aims to provide each patient with the care they need, including prompt prescription refills, so patients can continue to lead healthy lives. To learn more about how the team can make your prescriptions more readily available, call the office or use online scheduling to make an appointment today.

Prescription Refills Q & A

Why do you need prescriptions for certain drugs?

Drugs are substances used to cure, treat, or prevent diseases, but some drugs are harmful if you take them without the supervision of a medical professional.

Although patients can do their own research about what drugs will treat their symptoms, by law, certain drugs must be prescribed by a professional health care worker and taken under their direction.

At Sellwood Medical Clinic, the team is available to answer any questions you have about your medication and to provide the correct medication to maximize its effectiveness and minimize side effects.

How do I get a prescription refilled?

After your medical provider diagnoses your condition, the team at Sellwood Medical Clinic can prescribe medication and coordinate for it to be available at a pharmacy in your area.

Your provider must also review and approve all prescription refills before they can be filled at your pharmacy.

Can I get a prescription refilled without coming to the clinic?

The team at Sellwood Medical Clinic understands your concerns about catching other infections when you’re at the clinic, which is why the staff is dedicated to providing convenient telemedicine appointments.

With virtual appointments, your medical provider can meet your health care needs without exposing you to unnecessary risk.

Your Sellwood Medical Clinic specialist calls you at the time of your scheduled appointment, discusses your medical history, and evaluates your condition during the call. They may request further diagnostic testing or, if you’ve already undergone tests, your provider reviews the results with you.

After evaluating your condition, your specialist at Sellwood Medical Clinic can provide you with a prescription medication or refill your current prescription, which you can fill at your local pharmacy.

Can I get all prescriptions refilled via telemedicine appointments?

Some conditions may require you to meet with your provider in person before your prescription refill is approved. This allows the team at Sellwood Medical Clinic to ensure your medication is effective while monitoring your progress and managing any side effects.

Call Sellwood Medical Clinic or use the online tool to schedule a telemedicine appointment today and get your prescriptions refilled easily and on time.