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Pediatrics is an area of medical specialty focused on caring for the needs of infants, children, and teenagers. At Sellwood Medical Clinic, with four locations in the greater metropolitan Portland, Oregon, you have access to an outstanding team of practitioners who help hundreds of children get the care they need to thrive. Schedule an appointment today to learn more. Online booking is available or you can always call to speak with a member of the administrative staff.

Pediatrics Q & A

What is pediatric care?

Pediatric care is the foundation of your child’s health and wellness from infancy through adolescence. There are many reasons for both children and parents to embrace pediatric care.

Most of your child’s visits will fall under the category of well-child care. These appointments allow your child’s doctor to gather important health data for their personal medical record.

Not only can the doctor identify clear areas of concern during your visit, but the information compiled in your child’s medical record also serves as a developmental roadmap for how they align with statistics on kids from across the nation. 

This baseline information also makes it easier to spot a troubling trend in the earliest possible stages.

When should I call my pediatrician?

When it comes to your children, never feel that your concerns are invalid. No matter how trivial or obvious you think your questions or concerns might be, your pediatrician is always willing and available to answer those questions and provide guidance.

Call your pediatrician if you notice changes in your child’s appearance, behavior, or habits. These shifts often indicate an illness is developing. In many cases, early treatment offers the best path to restored health.

Remember, each and every member of the Sellwood Medical Clinic team shares a deep love for kids of all ages. They understand the anxieties that come with parenthood and are always there to offer support when needed.

Why see a pediatrician if my child isn’t sick?

To begin, developmental tracking is a big part of pediatric care, and just because your child isn’t showing clear symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well. Coming in for routine exams ensures your child gets the screenings needed for optimal health and wellness.

There’s also the matter of creating a strong bond between your child and their doctor. Waiting to come in until your child is sick or injured is the worst possible approach. Sick kids are not usually their best selves and often have little energy to focus on getting to know their pediatrician.

Coming in only when something is wrong can also teach your child to associate doctor visits with discomfort and anxiety, an approach that can extend well into adulthood and shape their future health and wellness.

To book a pediatric visit, call the office or try the easy online booking page.

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