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Newborn Meet & Greet Specialist

Sellwood Medical Clinic

Family & Pediatrics & Internal Medicine located in Portland, OR

Your baby’s first visit with their new doctor is all-important. At a newborn meet and greet at Sellwood Medical Clinic in Portland, Oregon, you can introduce your bundle of joy to the supportive and caring team while establishing your child as a patient at the clinic. The experienced pediatric medicine team looks forward to meeting your new family addition, so don’t hesitate to book your visit by phone or through the online scheduling tool today.

Newborn Meet & Greet Q & A

This service is currently only available through virtual appointments.

What is a newborn meet and greet?

A newborn meet and greet is your baby’s first visit at Sellwood Medical Clinic. It’s a “getting to know you” visit so you and your baby can become acquainted with your new pediatric care providers and the facility. 

Sellwood Medical Clinic specializes in family, pediatric, and internal medicine. This means that they’ll care for your baby in infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, and throughout their whole adult life as well. 

Because they’re your go-to providers for all of your child’s general medical care, it makes sense to spend a little time getting familiar with the team and the facility during a comfortable, no-pressure visit. A meet and greet is just a “talking” appointment, so you don’t need to prepare for any vaccinations or exams. 

When do I schedule a meet and greet?

The meet and greet usually happens during the first week of your child’s life, typically at 3-5 days old. Sometimes, the doctor visits the hospital to meet your new arrival. Just get in touch with Sellwood Medical Clinic to arrange a meet and greet time that’s convenient for you.

What questions should I ask at a newborn meet and greet?

The newborn meet and greet is a great chance to ask the pediatric care providers about their philosophy of care. Inquire about breastfeeding, vaccinations, sleep schedule, nutrition, and other things that you have questions or concerns about. 

The pediatric care team supports healthy moms and thriving babies, and they’ll help you understand the best ways to maintain peak health.

It’s also important to discuss a future appointment schedule. Find out how often your pediatrics providers recommend appointments and ask what you should do in case of an emergency. 

Your Sellwood Medical Clinic pediatrics providers can also give you an immunization schedule at this time. Usually, your child has their first round of vaccines at 1-2 months and all children need yearly flu shots starting at 6 months old.

How do I prepare my baby for a newborn meet and greet?

No special preparation is needed. Many parents like to schedule the meet and greet at a time when both mom and baby feel relaxed. Your baby may sleep or cry through the visit, and neither is a problem. After all, the pediatrics care team is well-acquainted with newborns!

To schedule a newborn meet and greet with the caring and supportive providers at Sellwood Medical Clinic, call the office or book through the online scheduler today.